Spooky Shows

Hello all and Happy October!

In keeping with my October tradition of sharing some hauntingly fun recommendations to kick off the start of the month, I thought I’d dive into some of my go-to TV shows I use to get into a spooky mood. You can also check out my previous Halloween Party Playlist of my favorite songs and Halloween-themed movies from years past (I’m not a horror fan, so nothing crazy scary is on my list). I’ve picked a variety of my favorite shows – from magical comedies to murder mysteries to creepy occult-meets-horror shows. I hope this list provides you with inspiration on what to watch to get into the Halloween spirit!

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell– What I fondly refer to as “spooky baking.” With Jim Henson muppets as her sidekicks and quirky plotlines, Christine has me in awe as she handmakes elaborate gingerbread mansions and swes her own clothes. A true DIY queen!

Supernatural – a long-running TV series about a pair of demon hunting brothers that has a cult following. It’s both spooky and hilarious!

Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple Mysteries – a BBC classic series based off of the iconic mystery books that I love. i just love how the unassuming elderly Miss Marple solves crimes across England!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch – this 90s classic is hilarious and heartwarming. Honestly the dynamic between the upbeat Sabrina and sarcastic Salem is comedy gold and a great not-so-creepy show to get into the Halloween spirit.

Lucifer – the devil comes to earth to solve crimes and punish the wicked – while it’s not Halloween-specific, it’s definitely supernatural and taps into a great good vs evil debate.

The Addams Family – although the movie adaptions are very famous, they originate from this creepy-funny TV show from the 1960s. The tale of a spooky family living their best life among normal humans makes for lots of hi-jinks and great one-liners.

The Munsters – another monster family, this one errs more on the comedy side rather than creepy, so it’s great for family binge-watching with kids!

Charmed – three powerful witch sisters navigate magical powers, love, and family in this long-running show. A truly great depiction of girl power and the bonds of sisterhood!

Riverdale – a grittier version of the cutesy comics I read as a kid, I love that even though this show isn’t supernatural, it’s very eerie and definitely sets a Halloween-esque tone.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – this Netflix series is a drastically different take on Sabrina compared to it’s 90s counterpart, but I truly love how intricate and fleshed out the world of witches and warlocks is. There’s social commentary and feminism mixed with magic, death, and prophecy.

I hope these shows get you in a hauntingly good mood and set the right tone for this month!




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