October Obsessions

I’m sharing everything that I’m looking forward to this month – and there’s A LOT to get excited about!!!

Spooky Shows

To kick off October, I’m sharing my favorite shows to get me ready for Spooky Season!

Halloween Party Music Playlist

Hey all! Happy October everyone!!! To kick off the start of my FAVORITE month, I’m posting a playlist of upbeat, spooky, and sultry tunes for you all to jam out to for the next 31 days (or longer if you desire)! October is my birthday month and I am 100% that person who devotes a…

31 Nights of Halloween (Movies)

To kick off my favorite month (leading up to my favorite holiday), I’ve decided to share some of my top Halloween movies to get everyone – myself included – into the Halloween spirit!!! October 1: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown What better to way to kick off October than with this Charlie Brown classic?…