Halloween Costume Inspiration 2020

Hello all and Happy (almost) Halloween!

With Halloween just a week and a half away, I want to share some fun costume inspiration that’s easy to put together, especially in quarantine. I went with three fun options: a sultry, badass Medusa, a fun and easy tarot card, and the iconic Blair Waldorf. I tried to pick a variety of costume styles to give you inspiration to suit your comfort level and devotion to this holiday (while I adore it, I understand it’s not everyone’s fave).

While all of the holidays will be different this year, I think the spirit of Halloween can still stay strong by dressing up, watching spooky movies, and eating your favorite treats. I hope you all find inspiration from these costumes to suit your style!


This monster queen from ancient Greek mythology is the perfect powerful creature to channel during quarantine.  She’s constantly alone due to her ability to turn anyone who sees her to stone and it’s so easy to find snakeskin print clothes to put together this outfit.  This costume in simple, sexy, and statement-making!

Snake Crown // Snakeskin Dress // Dragon Belt // Snake Necklace // Similar OTK Boots

Tarot Card

This costume is a much more subtle take on Halloween. A skirt with a fun seasonal print or pattern is an easy way to show your Halloween spirit without spending a lot of money or going overboard. I love Modcloth and Unique Vintage’s Halloween sections of the sites – you can snag a patterned dress or themed earrings for a low-effort way to embrace the season.

Tarot Skirt // Similar Black Top // Black Boots // Tarot Earrings // Tarot Card Deck

Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf

I was a big Gossip Girl fan growing up, and always loved Blair’s iconic style that oozed Upper East Side glamour and poise. If your style is more glam or you want to use Halloween an excuse to get fancy, channeling Blair Waldorf is a great choice! (Alternatively, if you’d prefer the beachy boho look I’d recommend turning to Serena Van Der Woodsen for inspo.)

Similar Beret // Similar Top // Backpack // Similar Skirt

Some other fun options you can’t go wrong with:

  • Nostalgic: Barbie, The Power Puiff Girls, Polly Pocket (and the quarantine versions of these characters), Buffy, Sabrina
  • Classic: Candy, Gone Batty, Pumpkin, Mummy (using all that extra toilet paper)
  • Relevant/Quarantine Puns: Plague Doctor, Quarantine Barbie, “Male” in Ballot (for guys)

I hope these costumes offer your plenty of holiday inspiration! Happy Halloween!



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