January Obsessions: COVID-safe DC activities

Hello all! With DC’s quarantine still in full effect and the cold, dreary winter weather limiting outdoor activities, I’m sharing a few ways to keep yourself occupied and engaged this January. I’m not even in DC at the moment, but I wanted to give everyone ways to support the city – whether you’re a local…

2021 Resolutions and Intentions

Hello all, At the beginning of each year, I like to set the stage for what I want to get out of the year in terms of personal growth, challenging myself, and opening myself up to new experiences. I don’t really set “goals” that have to be achieved, but rather focus on intentions and resolutions…

2020 Reflections

While this year was a tough one, I’m sharing the 2020 resolutions I was able to complete.

The 2020 Reading List

My 2020 reading roundup is here – featuring all the books I’ve read this year!