2018: A Fresh Start

Hello all!

Since I’m still new to blogging, I decided to set some resolutions to help me improve and challenge myself. This blog is for me to express my creativity and share fashion, beauty, art, and delicious food with whoever finds my little corner of the blogosphere. This blog is for me to have fun and connect with people who share my passions around the world!

However, I don’t want to fall into the trap I feel happens to so many start-up bloggers: they lose interest or give up when they don’t immediately see big results. I’m not going to focus on followers or likes, I just want a place to express my style and share what’s happening in my life. If what I put out resonates with people or brings some small joy into their life, that would be ideal!

That being said, here are the goals I’m setting for myself in 2018:

1. Dress outside my comfort zone – Let’s be real, it’s so easy to fall into a style rut (especially in extreme temperatures like this winter where I’m totally down with being wrapped up like a burrito every day) but I don’t want to not use my clothes and only rely on the same pieces when I have a whole wardrobe at my fingertips! I’m also going to try to experiment more with colors and patterns. I’m a huge fan of black and gray, if you haven’t noticed, but I’m in the mood to explore new shades and bold looks this year. #gohardorgohome

2. Experiment with makeup and hairstyles – I. Am. The. Absolute. Worst. At doing my hair and makeup. This doesn’t mean I’ll do something new every day, but I’ll push myself to get more creative with my looks this year. (Especially on the weekends and for special events!) I always stick to my makeup-less, high ponytail look and I want to get better at finding easy styles that break me out of that routine.

3. Don’t stop posting – This goes back to avoiding the new blogger trap I mentioned earlier. Not to say that I will post every day or even every week, as I know it’s important to take breaks when you need them. But I will remain dedicated to providing consistent content and engaging with y’all all year, and hopefully beyond!

4. Embrace adventure – I feel like this is definitely something I’ve been getting better at over the past few years and want to continue doing! I’m comfortable with something as simple as treating myself to dinner and a movie alone, but I know this could definitely extend to exploring outside of DC on my own and really taking in my surroundings. I want to approach the world with my eyes wide open and get excited about the unexpected! (And then I can share my discoveries with you all!)

And so I leave this post here as a reminder to myself to stay creative, stay dedicated, stay true to who I am, and continue to follow my passions.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    Love your blog posts! I follow along with you on Instagram and really enjoy your photos! xx


    1. opalsandobssessions says:

      Thank you so much! I love your feed and blog as well – your pictures are stunning!


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