Pride Month Roundup

Hello all! I did a personal post about Pride on June 1st to kick off the month, but for this post I will be sharing more in-depth resources, a recap of Capital Pride 2018, and fun Pride-related things. First up, I’ll start with some fun things! Here is a list of all Pride Events across…

2018: A Fresh Start

On my 2018 goals: I leave this post here as a reminder to myself to stay creative, stay dedicated, stay true to who I am, and continue to follow my passions.

Top 10 Style Moments of 2017

Here are some of my favorite style moments of 2017 and hopefully these looks can serve as NYE inspiration as well!

Sweater Weather

I’m so happy I can finally break out all my comfy sweaters and warm knits!! *Sweater Weather starts playing on repeat as my theme song*

Earning Your Stripes

Saturday was the perfect day to spend outside – the sun was shining and it had finally cooled down enough to wear my favorite pair of jeans! The Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute is free and open to the public! It’s a great place to go alone or with friends; for eating at…

Transitional Style

Hello all! As the seasons start to change, I’m often caught between wanting to dive straight into leggings and leather jackets, but regret overheating as soon as I put them on. However, once September hits it seems out of place to continue wearing my bright floral dresses. So on a particularly cool September day, here’s…