My Top Ten Quarantine Mood Boosters

Hello all!

It’s day 537 of quarantine and tbh it’s getting to be a bit of a struggle. Depending on the day, I’m either super energized and focused, or feel completely drained and anxious. And lately I’ve definitely been feeling more of the latter.

However, when I’m feeling down by being cooped up inside, I’ve found there are a few easy ways to help lift my mood! I’m sharing my top ten quarantine must-haves below:

  1. Wearing cute loungewear – something you can be comfortable in without feeling sloppy like a cute pair of sweatpants or a fun printed t-shirt that’s simple but still cute!
  2. Your favorite mug (preferably filled with your favorite tea or trendy dalgona coffee)
  3. Blue light glasses – my screen time is currently through the roof, so these are lifesavers! they prevent eye fatigue and headaches!
  4. Fuzzy socks – like a pillow for my feet, they’re fun to slide around my apartment in!
  5. Something to escape into – a book, movie series, or TV show that gives you a much-needed break from reality (I’ve finished bingeing all the seasons of Dollface, The Bold Type, and Shadowhunters…in the past two weeks)
  6. Fresh flowers – they instantly brighten up any space! I have a vase on my kitchen table so I can enjoy them while I work.
  7. Free workouts – whether through youtube, classpass, or instagra,/facebook live, there are tons of ways to stay active without leaving your home!
  8. A creative outlet – puzzles, coloring books, stitching, knitting, sketching, painting are all healthy ways to tap into your left side brain!
  9. Candles – in a variety of scents so you can switch them up daily to reflect your mood and set the tone for your day!
  10. Face masks, hair masks, hand masks, foot masks…there’s no better time than now to use stay inside every night as an excuse to #treatyourself – and we can all use a little extra pampering during these stressful times!

I hope these give you inspiration to get creative, get active, brighten up your home, and give yourself a little extra love!



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