Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Home Products I Currently Use and Love

Happy (almost) 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!!!

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I wanted to share some of my favorite eco-conscious, sustainable, and cruelty-free household products. One of my goals for this year was to transition over to as many environmentally-friendly products in my home as I could. Not only is the lack of harsh, harmful chemicals better for the environment, but it’s also better for ourselves – especially since we’re all spending so much time at home right now.

There’s been a heightened awareness recently of our environmental impact during this difficult time: The air pollution in cities around the world has drastically decreased; nature seems to be thriving where it was struggling before; and we’ve all become hyper-aware of our own consumption levels at home.

However, I also recognize that the more eco-conscious brands are often more expensive, so not everyone can afford to be as sustainable as they would like. I myself can’t afford the higher-end products, but I’ve found a few brands and subscription services that help make clean products more accessible.

I hope that this post helps anyone who wants to go greener but doesn’t know where to start, is intimidated by the prices they’ve seen on sustainable products in the past, or may be wary of the effectiveness of these products. I’ve used all of these items and do honestly swear by them and continue to buy them!

Subscription Services

Who Gives a Crap – this subscription service has paper products (tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper) created from sustainable bamboo. AND they donate 50% of profits to building toilets for those in need. Not only is this service affordable and convenient, but I always end up with packages that last me 4-5 months!

Grove Collaborative – I just started using this service earlier this year as a way to ship a variety of sustainable home goods to my apartment, and so far I’ve been incredibly impressed. Not only do they have my favorite brands (which I’ll cover below), but they also have DISCOUNTS on all of those products! No more waiting for a CVS sale – these soaps, detergents, and cleansers are almost always marked down! Grove also carries their own sustainable, cruelty free products as well -so you have tons of options to choose from!

Brands I Trust:

Seventh Generation – I use this for my laundry detergent and dish-washing liquid/pods. My person favorite is the lavender scent – it’s subtle but adds a little extra freshness to the washing process! Be sure to check out their website on Earth Day at 6pm EST where they’ll be hosting an educational celebration! (You can find it at your local CVS or Whole Foods)

Method – for non-toxic cleaners and soaps, I love this brand! My favorite scents are cucumber water and green tea & aloe – which is great for people who favorite lighter scents. (You can find it at CVS!)

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day – a staple brand in my family, their soaps, laundry detergents, and dish soaps are non toxic but get the job done! I’m a fan of their geranium scented hand soap and dish liquid for the kitchen and lavender hand soap and multipurpose cleaner for the bathroom

Lush – this super popular cruelty-free brand has the trendiest soaps and pampering and beauty products. I’ll do a post soon on my favorite cruelty-free beauty products, but when is comes to basic hand and body soaps, I can never go wrong with their Outback Mate soap.  The uplifting combination of eucalyptus infusion, lemongrass oil and peppermint oil makes a great pampering shower gift (I legit give one to my family members each holiday), but is also a treat to use on yourself!

While I know there are many great sustainable, eco-friendly, organic,and cruelty-free products and services available, I hope that by sharing my tried-and-true brands you have a starting point if you were feeling overwhelmed by options or prices. Please let me know if you have any favorite brands I missed and should check out in the comments!



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  1. Kim Moseman says:

    Love this post! So many amazing eco-friendly finds!

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