2020 Resolutions and Intentions

Happy New Year Everyone!

Since 2020 is both the start of a new year AND a new decade, I’m feeling a lot of push to take advantage of this fresh start. I’m feeling excited about what this new decade has in store and am very optimistic about the future. I started setting resolutions and intentions last year, which are similar to goals, but a bit more flexible. Intentions allows me to aim for something and acknowledge the changes I’ve made or work I’ve put in without implying failure if I don’t meet a specific goal exactly.

I’m a planner by nature who enjoys looking to the future – there’s nothing I love more than seeing my monthly calendar sprinkled with fun activities. I also wanted to take this year to focus more on myself by continuing positive habits from last year (i.e. reading, better skin and hair care, etc.) and incorporating new habits into the mix. Without further ado, here are my priorities for 2020!


  • Take time to be creative – I loved to paint and draw and honestly miss the soothing, re-centering effect it has on me. Whether it’s doodling, taking a paint and sip class, or actually devoting an afternoon to designing an outfit, I want to get back in touch with my creative side!
  • Get stronger physically – strengthen my immune system, eat vitamins, build up my weight lifting abilities – anything healthy that makes me strong!
  • Experiment more with my personal style (a continuing challenge from the past two years)
  • Find a hair care routine that works for me (I’m getting better at this with fewer washes and products that suit my hair texture)
  • Reconnect and visit with old friends (call my long distance friends more frequently)
  • Eat out less, meal prep more – also learn to actually cook some meals
  • Read more books (a success from last year’s goal of 15 books, when I actually ended up reading 24! This year I’m setting a goal for 30 books!)
  • Continue to keep up with new movies
  • Do silent works of good (giving someone a 100% tip for great service, donating to charities, volunteering, paying for someone else’s coffee)
  • Bullet journal more
  • Connect with my family more frequently
  • Organize my apartment more often (and keep it organized – I’m been doing better thanks to Marie Kondo’s inspiration from last January)

Travel and Exploration:

  • Go to 2-3 states I’ve never been to before (Hopefully: TX, KY, TN, or IN) – visiting 3 new states the past two years made me want to explore the US even more!
  • Return to Nantucket (either at the end of summer or for Christmas Stroll)
  • Go to Disney World for a weekend (in the spring or fall)
  • Visit a new country (maybe Canada, China, or Israel)
  • Explore DC even more
  • Take weekend trips to new places in the surrounding DC area (Richmond, Williamsburg, etc.)
  • Go to more concerts

For the Blog:

  • Be consistent about blogging and engagement – at least 4 posts per month
  • Connect and collaborate with fellow bloggers
  • Being more creative and out-of-the-box with ideas
  • Do more photoshoots for content

For Funsies:

  • Go bowling
  • Plan out another Escape Room event
  • Go to at least one museum or gallery each month
  • Go to the National Arboretum in the spring
  • Host more friends and family in DC

I hope my 2020 intentions inspire you all to live a little more boldly and chase after what makes you truly happy this year! I want to thank you for following along on my journey and wish you the best of luck starting off the new year!



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