2019 Resolutions and Intentions

Hello All and Happy New Year!

While I’m not one who typically sets goals for the start of the new year, I have slowly been acquiring a wish list over the past year of things I would like to do moving forward.  I’m stating different “resolutions” that I’m aiming towards this year and hope to achieve. I am by no means holding myself to any of these as some are more attainable than others, but rather I am focusing on these positive intentions to guide me this year.  I love seeing myself improve and work hard to achieve fun things for the future, so writing down all my wants to kick off the next 365 days gives me a road map to achieving personal goals.


I’m a planner by nature who enjoys looking to the future – there’s nothing I love more than seeing my monthly calendar sprinkled with fun activities. Without further ado, here are my priorities for 2019:


  • Get stronger physically – strengthen my immune system, eat vitamins, build up my weight lifting abilities – anything healthy that makes me strong!
  • Experiment more with my personal style (a continuing challenge from last year)
  • Find a hair care routine that works for me
  • Reconnect and visit with old friends
  • Eat out less, meal prep more (I definitely fall prey to being lazy in the middle of the week when I don’t want to go grocery shopping)
  • Read more books
  • Continue to keep up with new movies
  • Do silent works of good (giving someone a 100% tip for great service, donating to charities, volunteering, paying for someone else’s coffee)
  • Bullet journal more
  • Connect with my family more frequently
  • Organize my apartment more often (and keep it organized)

Travel and Exploration:

  • Go to 2-3 states I’ve never been to before (Hopefully: SC, TX, LA, TN, or AZ) – visiting 3 new states last year made me want to explore the US even more!
  • Return to Nantucket (either at the end of summer or for Christmas Stroll)
  • Spend a long weekend in autumn in New England
  • Go to Disney World for a weekend (in the spring or fall)
  • Visit a new country (maybe Canada)
  • Explore DC even more
  • Take weekend trips to new places in the surrounding DC area (Richmond, Williamsburg, etc.)

For the Blog:

  • Be consistent about blogging and engagement
  • Connect and collaborate with fellow bloggers
  • Continue planning posts by month
  • Being more creative and out-of-the-box with ideas
  • Do more photoshoots for content

For Funsies:

  • Go bowling
  • Plan out another Escape Room event
  • Go to Crumbs & Whiskers (a cat cafe)
  • Have a beach day
  • Go to at least two museums or galleries each month
  • Go to the National Arboretum in the spring
  • See the Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin
  • Host more friends and family in DC


I hope my 2019 intentions inspire you all to live a little more boldly and chase after what makes you truly happy this yea.! I want to thank you for following along on my journey and wish you the best of luck starting off the new year!








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