Summer Restaurant Week 2019

Hello all!

Summer Restaurant Week 2019 ended this past Sunday and I wanted to break down everywhere I ate at for you all! Every Restaurant Week I try to revisit old favorites, try out new spots, and get into the more expensive restaurants that I honestly couldn’t afford to eat at otherwise. Although this time around I ended up returning to six favorite spots, I was certainly not disappointed by all the options available at reasonable prices! A few participating locations have also extended their Restaurant Week deals into this week, so if anything from this list interests you, it’s worth checking their site to see if the deal is ongoing! Without further ado – here’s my lineup from last week:


A go-to lunch spot due to it’s flavorful cuisine, large amount of options, substantial servings, and easy access near my office, I went with a group of coworkers to kick off Restaurant Week with a Monday lunch! I always get he vegetable thali option, and this time they included a delectable coconut curry option that a finished as quickly as possible. Thankfully, we also had just enough coworkers to order one of each dessert and we loved all the options available!


A Georgetown staple, this elegant restaurant always has fantastic cuisine. It’s a splurge most of the time, so I relished having a guilt-free dinner without my wallet regretting the food afterwards.

The Source

I’d only been to this acclaimed Wolfgang Puck restaurant once before, but the asian fusion menu did not disappoint! I loved the spicy veggie roll, vegetable sir fry, and sublime carrot cake and panna cotta options.  I went with two meat-eaters who loved the XO chicken and shrimp specials.


I had never been to this DC restaurant for dinner and loved all the options! The popcorn shrimp in a creamy sauce was the clear winner, and I’m a huge fan of their dessert mochi as well.


Dirty Habit

One of my favorite DC restaurants and a staple in my Restaurant Week lineup, Dirty Habit never disappoints. The delicious creamy fried burrata and curry lentil dishes were incredibly flavorful and rich! The Baked Alaska is my go-to dessert here and it always has the perfect consistency and flamboyant presentation. And of course, I had to add on my favorite truffle fries in the city to our meal! I highly recommend checking it out for drinks and fries even though Restaurant Week has ended!

Iron Gate

A DC brunch staple, I loved the hearty options at this restaurant to end the week strong. The poached hen eggs dish was a fresh take on shakshuka that I really enjoyed, and the starters were all delightfully sweet in a counter to a savory main courses.


I hope you all enjoyed my rundown of this summer’s Restaurant Week – I’m getting hungry just looking back at all the pictures!



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