My Summer Skincare Routine

Hey all,

Summer can be rough on your skin, especially once August hits and humidity combines with increasing temperatures and cloudless days that don’t give you a break. I’m sharing a few products that are my go-tos during these last few weeks of extreme heat to help your skin stay hydrated and looking refreshed!

First off: sunscreen. I’m a die-hard Neutrogena or Coppertone user for the body versions of suntan lotion, but lately I’ve had really good success with the Coola Matte Mineral Sunscreen ($36) for facial sunscreen that’s protective, lightweight, and doesn’t cause breakouts!

I’m a big fan of using Retinol Pads to clean off dead top layer of skin so sweat doesn’t get trapped and cause breakouts. I use retinol pads about twice a week, depending on how much sun exposure I’ve had since it can make your skin more light sensitive. I put it on my face and let it sit for about 2-4 hours, then rinse with water and apply a face oil or serum.

I love the Watermelon After Sun Face Mask ($5) from Sephora to deal with too much sun exposure or accidental burns on my shoulders, neck, or chest. They’re really inexpensive Sephora masks and you basically get two for the price of one since it comes with a separate mask for your chest/neck area. I put it on if I’m looking a little pink after being outside and it really does help prevent sunburn while letting my skin tan.

I’m also a huge fan of the Watermelon Sleep Mask  ($22) from Glow Recipe to soothe dried out summer skin. The travel-sized container makes it perfect for Labor Day vacations or long weekend excursions. The texture is cooling and lightweight and always makes my skin look so glowy afterwards!

Even though they get less sun exposure than other parts of my body, my hands always get dried out in the heat every summer. My hands are also the first place that loses any sunscreen I apply, so I try to take extra care of them whenever possible. This Aloe Vera Hand Mask ($5) soothes sun exposure and is great prep for cute summer manis!

I hope these products give you new ways to beat the (extreme) August heat!




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