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Hello all!

Let me be honest: I’m not the biggest astrology aficionado, but I do dabble in it occasionally.  My mom and I had a tradition of reading our daily horoscopes before I went off to school each morning to see what the day would bring, which is where my affinity for astrology started. From a young age I began to feel a strong affiliation with the traits assigned with my sign, Scorpio, which only strengthened as I grew older.  The fierce loyalty, passion, focus and determination, bravery, inquisitive intelligence, ability to stay cool under pressure, and intuitive nature are all traits I identify with and try to emphasize.

Although I’m not tied to what each sign “should” be, I definitely feel that being aware of my sign’s negative traits helps me be cognizant of my own shortcomings.  Scorpios can be overly secretive and protective, unwilling to trust, and controlling.  I don’t think that all of these traits necessarily apply to me personally, but being aware that I don’t fall into patterns of negative behavior helps me strive to be a better person and be more in tune with my feelings and actions.  Even reading the daily horoscopes, as simplistic as they may appear, helps me to focus on the positive aspects of the day ahead or be aware that things may not always go according to plan.  Essentially, I find that reading horoscopes and researching astrology is a way for me to feel connected to myself and others.

I’m not going to lie, I do feel a special kinship with other Scorpios – a number of my best friends are Scorpios and about half my family is as well! It’s almost like I have a built in peek at what their personality is going to be like.  But of course I adore all the other signs, as everyone has different strengths and positives that shine through regardless of what day they were born.  Astrology is about embracing and focusing on the things that make you the best version of yourself every day!

In light of my views of astrology and the start of Scorpio Season today, I’ve collected a few astrology-themed goodies to help you all embrace your inner star sign!


For the Home

The Astrology of You and Me, $25, and Anthropologie Mini Zodiac Journal, $12, are great reads, useful for personal notes and journaling, and serve as beautiful coffee table books.  The Zodiac Black Wood Candle Holder, $20, and Capri Blue Zodiac Mini Jar Candle, $14 are some of my favorite, subtle ways to bring the zodiac theme into your home.

For wall art, this constellation art print, $15, vintage planets illustration, $6, zodiac embroidered hoop art, $30, and framed zodiac signs, $16, are lovely touches.  If you want to go bold, this striking black and white wall tapestry, $50, will do the trick!



I’m a big fan of incorporating star signs into necklaces and rings, and these gold zodiac medallions are the perfect way to subtly rep your symbol.  I’m also highkey obsessed with these sweet Mejuri constellation rings for an even simpler look. For a more delicate touch, these Asha Zodiac Mother-of-Pearl Charm pendants are the perfect gift and layer nicely with other jewelry.  For earrings, this edgy constellation ear crawler or these silver statement circles let your star sign shine! Another favorite are these statement earrings featuring the animal sign of your zodiac, with personalized colors so it can truly be your own.

Breaking out of traditional jewelry, I can’t get over how cute this gold star and moon stretch belt is at only $15! And it’s size-inclusive!



Incorporating your star sign into outfits is a fun way to test your creativity!  For example, my latest big purchase is a Rhode Resort dress, $385, covered in the zodiac constellations brought to life. I’ll be religiously wearing this dress all fall and winter long because it’s such a fun, unique piece! Another fun (and much more reasonable) dress that I have my eye on is this black velvet skater style from Modcloth.

This blue patterned top from Modcloth offers a bright way to inject some astrology-inspired clothing into your wardrobe.  If you want to wear your sign on your sleeve, the Vetements Horoscope T-Shirt features your star sign on the front and a list of characteristics on the back (warning, it’s  quite the splurge at $380).

For lounging around at home, I’d stick with these adorable rose-colored joggers covered in stars (and they’re under $20!) or this simple constellation sweatshirt. This cozy, size-inclusive star sweater also looks positively delightful.

Part of what I love about incorporating zodiac and star-themed motifs into my home and wardrobe is that – although it feels special and a bit holiday-sparkle themed – it can really be used year round.  The stars never fade and celebrating your birthday never goes out of style, so why not take that personal touch and integrate it into more aspects of your life?  I know it always brings a smile to my face!

That being said, what’s your star sign??



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