Scorpio Season

Hello all!

Since today marks the beginning of Scorpio season, I’m sharing a few fun, horoscope-inspired finds. You can wear these clothes and jewelry no matter what your zodiac sign is, and I’ve included everything from books to sleep masks to wall art to give your home a more celestially-inspired vibe.

If you’re curious about why I’m so excited for #ScorioSzn, be sure to read my post from last year all about what astrology means to me. And trust me, I’m no astrologer or die-hard horoscope fanatic, I just find them so intriguing and thought-provoking. Horoscopes allow me to acknowledge my shortcomings and work on being the best version of myself. They’re fun, poignant, and have let me bond with complete strangers because we share the same sign. And let’s be honest – sending zodiac memes is my main form of communicating with my long-distance friends!


Clothing and Accessories:


Home and Fun:

I hope you all find inspiration from this post to embrace your star sign and wear your zodiac on your sleeve! Have a great rest of your week!



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