Vintage Veronica

Hello all!

Since I’m new to blogging, I’ll let you all in on a part of me that I proudly embrace: I’m a HUGE comic book nerd.

Not just in the “I enjoy watching superhero movies” kind of nerd – I’m the “been collecting comics since I was 8 and continue to follow my favorite characters to this day” kind of nerd.

You’ll all probably hear a lot more about my nerdiness as I continue to blog, but for today I’ll focus on one of my favorite childhood series: Archie Comics.

The Archie Comics, and more specifically the “Betty and Veronica” spinoffs, hold a special place in my heart. As a kid, I would scour every convenience store, newspaper stand, gas station, and bookstore (#tb I know) in search of these comics. I’ve probably collected over 400 different issues over the years…and that’s erring on the smaller side.

So you can imagine how excited I was when Riverdale started gaining a mainstream following – it’s amazing to see the characters I loved come to life.

It honestly reminds me of the Archie’s Weird Mysteries TV show that aired in the early 2000s…which literally no one but me remembers.

Adding to my excitement of reliving my childhood faves was my discovery of the Betty and Veronica shop via Instagram! I absolutely ADORE their modern-vintage take and themed accessories. I get such great girl power vibes (and serious fashion inspiration) scrolling through their feed!

Of course, my inner B&V lover had to snag this adorable black and white Veronica Lodge profile shirt from the site (now on sale). The material is well made and fitted, not boxy, which I definitely appreciate in a t-shirt. In addition to this Veronica apparel, I also snagged a cute scarf that will make an appearance shortly!

The skirt (similar) and boots (similar) are from Nordstrom, but unfortunately have sold out. I decided to keep with the comic book theme by wearing my (speech) bubble earrings from Baublebar. (Similar)

A huge shoutout goes to the Kreeger Museum – a hidden gem my godmother recommended to me and the best place for a photo shoot!

Let me know if you love the residents of Riverdale as much as I do! And I can’t wait to continue sharing more with you on this blog – thank you for your continued support!



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