Hi all!

Some of you may have noticed that I posted about Hanukkah ending earlier this week…and now have started on Christmas celebrations. Although I’m down for supporting and celebrating the holidays of all cultures and religions, this is actually part of my family’s tradition! I figure since I’m new to blogging I’ll offer an explanation to you all.

I was raised mainly Catholic, like my mom, but I am also Jewish because my dad is. We celebrate both religious holidays with both sides of the family, often joining together for Christmukkah (Christmas and Hanukkah), Thanksgivukkah, or Passover/Easter combination holidays.

(Makowiec – Polish poppyseed cake)

The focus of my family was always unity and respect. I loved learning about both aspects of my heritage and family values. Although some might think it would be difficult sharing two religions under the same roof, we’ve found a way to blend our love of each other into a love of celebration that everyone can participate in.

I proudly acknowledge both sides of my family and love to have open discussions about the dynamics I had growing up. (Although honestly most other kids were just mad I got presents for both Hanukkah AND Christmas ahaha!)

We can let our differences split us up and cause divisions, or we can focus on how differences strengthen us and help us learn from others. And if we take time to listen to each other, we may find that we’re not so different after all.

(My family’s tree this year!)

Much love and peace to you all this holiday season!



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