Red Lips for Beginners

Hello all!

I have a slight confession…I was wary of red lipstick up until last week.

I never found a shade that looked good on me and was resigned to a life free of red lips. However, last week I took the plunge and vowed to at least give it a try again for the holiday season. Low and behold, an angel at Sephora found my perfect shade!

The lipstick is NARS’s Powermatte Lip Pigment in Starwoman, and the accompanying lipliner is NARS’s Precision Lip Liner in Mariachi.

Suffice to say, I was feeling very festive as soon as I put it on! You’ll definitely be seeing more of this red lip throughout holiday season.

I honestly just needed to entrust my lipstick with someone who knew my colors, style, and skin tone well enough to find the correct shade. Going to a professional (like the makeup artists at Sephora) makes all the difference in getting your perfect match.

Let me know what you opinions on red lips are and if you have any favorite brands!



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