Rainbow Style

Hi all!

We’re entering the last week of Pride Month, but it that doesn’t mean our style has to get any less colorful! For this post, I’ll be sharing a few fun finds that embrace a very colorful summer style in honor of Pride. I hope you find something that matches your style!

It’s been a trying past few days, so I felt that sharing a bright, cheerful, Pride-themed post might be good to refocus on something positive! And for me, dressing up in the theme or thinking of more uplifting things always helps me to reset and get out of a sad space for even a small amount of time. Sending you all so much extra love this week. ❤

If you still are looking for ways to get out and showcase your pride or wear something that brightens your mood, I hope these little extras give you a little boost of positive energy!

Sarah Flint Amalfi Ombre Nappa ($475 – $50 off with code SARAHFLINT-BAOPALS) // The Tiny Tassel Headband In Rainbow Striped Blues ($32) // Love Out Loud Stud Earrings ($35) // Kate Spade rainbow dot cotton silk bandana ($40) // Rainbow PomPom Headband ($19.25) // Betsy Johnson Over the Rainbow Bag ($75) // Double Rainbow Sunglasses ($10) // Love Your Smile Necklace ($35)

I hope everyone is able to spend this final week of Pride Month living out loud, proud, and authentically themselves!



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