Summer in Southern Vermont

Hi all!

Last week I got home from spending a lovely couple of weeks at our family home in southern Vermont! I know not everyone may be ready to hop on a plane just yet, so Vermont is a perfect place to go road tripping – whether you’re already in the New England area or are down in DC! And even if you aren’t comfortable driving or taking a train to a different state yet, I’d encourage you to save this page for future use as travel hopefully continues to open back up.

Vermont is absolutely beautiful during the summer – typically hitting the 80s during the day and cooling down into the 60s at night. There’s a ton of safe outdoor activities to do as well – both for those that love sports and the outdoors as well as the less woodsy types.

Without further ado, here are my recommendations for a fabulous summer trip in southern Vermont!

Things to do:

Places to eat:

My main piece of advice is to call ahead to make sure these restaurants are open on the days you’re thinking of eating out. While Friday-Sunday is a safe bet, any weeknights can be hit or miss depending on each restaurant’s staff in the summer season.

  • Red Fox Inn – check for live music every weekend! Also try out the famous apple pie!
  • Gringo Jack’s – delicious Mexican food and hearty portions.
  • Garlic John’s – delectable Italian food!
  • Ye Olde Tavern – quintessential New England fare in a historic house.
  • Verde – delicious locally sourced food that’s always perfect!
  • The Fire Tower – a great mix of various cuisine at the base of Stratton.
  • The Marsh Tavern – my favorite lunch spot for a classic New England meal.
  • Mulligans – a hearty pub and restaurant that has something for every palate!

I hope this mini guide inspires you to visit southern Vermont this summer – it’s the perfect trip!



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