My Picnic Essentials

Hello all!

It’s almost the end of May and Memorial Day weekend, which officially kicks off the start of the summer season! That means warmer weather and longer, sunnier days that are perfect for one of the things I love doing most during the summer: having picnics! Whether I’m enjoying a day outside solo or having a fun get together with my friends, picnics are a wonderful way to get out of the house. Picnics also are one of the best ways to an affordable gathering without any time constraints like you would in a restaurant – the only limit is the weather, so I’d secure a backup date for everyone just in case.

Over the past year, I’ve especially loved going on picnics since it was one of the few safe activities to do – I’ve gotten into quite a rhythm on what to bring and found a few favorites local spots to hang out in. If you aren’t regularly picnicking, I hope this post encourages you to try it out this summer!

Here are my picnic essentials for a wonderful day spent lounging outside:

  • a cheerful blanket or quilt
  • a small cooler
  • your favorite easily portable food (I love a pasta salad or veggie wrap)
  • reusable utensils
  • a water bottle (or two for the DC heat)
  • a container of your favorite fruit for dessert (I love cherries or watermelon)
  • a summer jams playlist
  • a light summer book or magazine
  • extra napkins (trust me – worth it!)
  • sunglasses
  • a hat
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • a bag for trash/recycling
  • a card game (if you’re with a group)

Let me know what your picnic essentials are in the comments. Happy picnicking everyone!



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