Earth Day 2021: Easy Ways to Be More Environmentally Conscious

Happy Earth Day!!!

I love Earth Day and Earth Week – it’s a great time to focus on loving our planet and doing the best we can to preserve it for future generations. It’s also a great time to connect with nature – take a walk in the woods, spend a day relaxing in a park, visit the beach, go for a swim in a nearby lake, go hike a mountain, or cultivate your garden at home. There are so many ways to reconnect with and embrace our beautiful planet!

This past year more than ever, I’ve definitely grown to appreciate time outside – I cherished my long walks along the Georgetown canal and strolling around admiring the neighborhood gardens. I loved getting out of my apartment to go read in my local park last summer. I really began to have a deeper appreciation for my downtime spent in nature after being so confined to my apartment the last 13 months.

That being said, I’ve not only enjoyed experiencing nature, but made it my goal over the past few years to incorporate more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices into my daily life. I’ve made certain changes to products I use and habits I engage in that contribute to hopefully lessening my imprint on the planet. Actually, my most popular post from last year was “Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Home Products I Currently Use and Love” – definitely check it out, as I still use these products!

Today, I want to share a few of my favorite easy changes I’ve added into my routine to help make sure I’m doing my part to be more environmentally conscious:

  • Always use a reusable water bottle
  • Use reusable containers to store food
  • Reuse plastic takeout containers for storage
  • Switch out my foundation for a cruelty free tinted moisturizer (with SPF of course)
  • Buy vintage/thrifted/consignment instead of fast fashion
  • Shop at grocery stores with my cloth tote bag instead of using paper/plastic
  • Resell or donate unused clothes and accessories
  • Walk or take public transportation instead of rideshares or driving
  • Aim to shop local and buy local produce/shop at a farmers market
  • Swap my disposable makeup removing wipes with reusable pads and washcloths
  • Try to limit grocery shopping to what I know I’ll use that week to reduce food waste

While each of these things may seem small, I know every little bit does have an impact so I’ll continue to do my part and keep incorporating more sustainable practices into my routine! Let me know how you’re celebrating Earth Day and practicing sustainability in the comments!



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