Tulle for the Holidays

Hello all,

if you’ve been following my blog or Instagram for a while, you may have noticed that I gravitate towards a very specific kind of statement piece: The Tulle Skirt!

Tulle is a timeless fabric that adds whimsy and glamour to any look. And it’s an easy way to dress up any outfit while remaining comfortable as well, which is especially useful during a quarantine holiday season.

Tulle brings back childhood memories for me of going to the New York City Ballet with my family at Christmastime and seeing the Nutcracker on stage. Since I can’t go to the ballet this year, I’ve made an effort to at least dress like a ballerina in the comfort of my own home!

I’m wearing the Felicity Ruffled Tulle Midi Skirt.

Below I’ve rounded up a few of my current favorite tulle skirts so you can bring some whimsy, magic, and fun to your wardrobe!

Extravolume tulle skirt burgundy ($51) // Dania Tulle Tie-Dye Midi Skirt ($188) // Cream Second Standing Ovation Midi Skirt ($79) // Maxi silver gray tulle skirt ($98) // Black Tulle Tea Length Skirt ($95) // Needle & Thread Tulle Midi Skirt in Bluebelle ($76) // Brown Vintage Midi Tulle Skirt ($40) // 3D Posy Double-Layered Mesh Caramel Skirt ($49)

I hope you’re able to find one that suits your style! Be sure to let me know your go-to statement piece in the comments!



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