Seasonal Scents: Spring and Summer Candles

Hello all!

The more time I spend in my apartment, the more I truly appreciate my candle collection. I match my candles (and occasionally diffusers or incense sticks) to my mood each day and they truly change the space I’m inhabiting. Hell, I even have candles that I specifically light before I go to bed so I can be lulled off to sleep with the sweet scent of island flowers!

That being said, I want to share some of my favorite candles I’m using in my home during these warmer months. Whether you prefer a clean, fresh scent or want to mentally transport yourself to a tropical island, I have the candle for you!

Summery Scents

Annapolis Candle Company Handcrafted Candle in Salty Shore ($45) – the perfect summer scent that transports me instantly to a beach! The combination of coconut, amber, and geranium is fresh and sweet without being overpowering – and it comes in a beautiful ceramic vessel painted in a seascape that can be used after you go through the candle itself.

Anderson Lilley Manhattan Beach ($12 for the tin version) – currently out of stock, but worth checking back! It’s summery without being too “beachy” thanks to hints of bergamont, jasmine, and musk. Definitely a great candle if you’re in a city apartment and want to feel summery!

Sand Dollar Votive ($8, I believe) – I get these from a small florist shop in my hometown – they are THE candles she has constantly lit in the store all summer long and people constantly ask about! Please reach out to the store directly to support a small business!

Votivo Aromatic Candle in Clean Crisp White ($28, but also comes in $12 options) – the perfect scent for someone who’s picky about scents (I got it for my mom for mother’s day and she LOVES it) – this candle reminds me of a breeze on a summer’s day with a combination of ylang, lilies, and sandalwood. There are hints of citrus, but it’s not a citrus-y scent (as someone who hates citrus smells, I can say that I love this too).

Fresh Florals

Anthropologie Spring’s Eden Candle in Wild Honeysuckle ($30) – although mine are from last year and have a bit of a different look, I’m definitely going to be getting this year’s wrapped glass version of the scent! Wild Honeysuckle has a bright combination of lemon zest, peach, and freesia that’s grounded by woodsy magnolia. It’s a great floral scent without being too sweet or overpowering.

Anthropologie Spring’s Eden Candle in Coconut Milk Mango ($30) – this floral scent is definitely on the more fruity, tropical side and will transport you to an island beach surrounded by beautiful blooms! If you love coconut, you’ll appreciate how nicely that scent blends with mango, peach, papaya, and a hint of mandarin orange in this candle.

Votivo Aromatic Candle in Rush of Rose ($28, but also comes in smaller $12 options) – it’s as though you brought a rose garden inside your home! The rose scent stands on it’s own without being too sweet, as it’s grounded with undertones of watery greens, white musk, and woods.

I hope these candles give you news ways to change up your homes for spring, and are able to transport you on a mini mental vacation as well!

Please let me know if you have any favorite spring or summer candles that I should check out as well!



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