Cherry Blossom Style 2020

Hello all and I hope you’re all safe and healthy!

Even though it’s almost April Fool’s Day, it’s no joke that Cherry Blossom Season came early this year and Peak Bloom has already passed! That being said, it was hard to enjoy what is normally a joyous festival season due to social distancing and the health concerns about large gathering spots. I normally have a ton of friends and family come visit me to celebrate the season, but obviously that wasn’t possible this year. However, just as fresh spring blossoms symbolize new beginnings and fresh starts, it gives me hope to think about all of the fun I’ll have with my loved ones at next year’s festival.

I am incredibly grateful that my friend and fellow blogger, Lisa from Occasionally Luxe, and I chose to head to the Tidal Basin right before Peak Bloom to enjoy the blossoms and get a few cute pictures without worrying about the crowds. Although the trees weren’t fully in bloom, they were still so beautiful to see and made me feel so inspired and happy for spring!

Our crowd-avoidant strategy: We went at an off time, before actual peak bloom, on a weekday afternoon, and chose an overcast, chilly day. There was literally no one there, and although it was a bit cold, we braved it for the fun experience!

I’m sharing the outfits I wore to celebrate cherry blossom season in the hope that it brings some whimsy and fun into your life and shares a bit of DC with you, no matter where you’re located. I’m looking forward to enjoying the festival in full next year!

I hope you’re all able to enjoy the spring weather, whether it’s through taking your dog for a walk, running outside for exercise, or going on an evening stroll with a loved one.



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