Comfy Cozy Style

Hey all!

It’s that time of year where I go between two extremes: wanting to get all decked out and go to every glitzy holiday event I can attend, or indulging in a weekend of #selfcare by not talking to anyone, not leaving my apartment, only wearing sweats, binge watching shows on Netflix, and getting lost in a new novel.

This post is devoted to the latter state of being and to all my fellow introverts who enjoy dropping temperatures as an excuse to not leave the house. I’m sharing my favorite ways to spend a day indoors, as well as some cuddly sweaters that are perfect for cold weather! These chunky sweaters are also perfect for hiding a Thanksgiving food baby and look great paired with leggings for maximum comfort without sacrificing style all winter long!


Chunky Sweaters:

Here are a few current favorites that have caught my eye. I’ve picked from a diverse range of styles that should match a variety of wardrobes!

Free People Rainbow Odyssey Pullover ($198) // H&M White Turtleneck ($19.99) //

Free People Greater Than Patterned Sweater ($148) // Caslon Mock Neck Pullover ($79)

BP Longline Turtleneck in Black ($39) // Loft Chenille Cowl Neck Sweater in Red ($59 – currently 40% OFF)

Loft Modern Fair Aisle Sweater ($69.50 – currently 40% OFF) // Socialite Mixed Media Sweater ($39)


My Favorite At-Home Activities:

Whether you’re chilling by yourself, with a significant other, or with a group of friends, here are some of my personal go-tos for a cozy day inside.

  • Reading a new Book: I recently finished Circe (if you’re into feminist epics) and American Royals (if you’re a fan of The Princess Diaries or Gossip Girl). I just started A Guide for Murdered Children, which has already hooked me in and is great if you love mysteries and true crime!
  • Streaming series to binge watch: The Crown for all my history buffs, Mindhunter for my fellow true crime lovers, and Brooklyn Nine Nine and the new Iliza Schlesigner: Unveiled special if you need some comedic relief.
  • Games with Friends: What Do You Meme?, Scrabble, and Pictionary always have me rolling on the floor in laughter! A great way to pass the time and not even realize how dreary it is outside.
  • For Organizing my Apartment: I put on episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (Netflix) and have it playing while I sort through clothes and swifter my apartment. I swear it’s the perfect motivator for getting your home in great shape!


I hope these cozy ideas keep you occupied on cold winter days and the various sweater options keep you toasty and stylish! Let me know if you have a favorite indoor activity.



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