July Obsessions

Hello all!

I’ve decided to try out a new monthly series featuring my latest obsessions.  While my blog in general is devoted to things I’m obsessed with and want to share with you all, this will allow me to hone in on more specific events and relevant topics each month. My dream is for this monthly post to cover cool discoveries I’ve made such as new brands and interesting articles. Also, if I’ve read any books recently I’ll include them as well! I’ll aim to put out an “Obsessions Post” around the middle of each month.

Without further ado, here’s what I’m obsessed with this July!

Latest in Fashion:

News and Interesting Reads:

Art in DC:

  • The Renwick Gallery, my favorite Smithsonian, just opened up two new exhibits at the end of June that will continue into January.
  • The National Building Museum’s special summer installation, LAWN, opened July 4 and runs through September 2. These interactive exhibits are always a blast to see!
  • The new Spy Museum just opened the doors at their newest location last month! The updated builds holds all of the coolest spy paraphernalia from actual war heroes to Bond villains and includes tons of interactive experiences that let you dive into the world of espionage!

Shows to Start Streaming:

  • Queer Eye season 4 drops July 19th on Netflix and I AM HYPED!
  • Stranger Things season 3 drops on Netflix July 4
  • Veronica Mars season 4 airs on Hulu July 26
  • Lucifer’s 4 binge worthy seasons are on Netflix – the LA setting is a perfect summer fix with glam and sunshine
  • The second half of Young Justice’s season 3 run kicked off at the beginning of this month on DC Universe (for all my fellow nerds out there who loved this show!)

Recently Finished Books:

  • Naturally Tan – Tan France’s Queer eye shares his background growing up Queer and Muslim in the UK, as well as his philosophies on life and fashion. His humor is fantastic!
  • My Sister, the Serial Killer – a witty take on the bonds of sisterhood in this book that follows a woman who constantly covers for her murderous younger sibling.
  • Opposite of Always – young love, difficult choices, hilarious dialogue, and unintentional time loops make this a delightful summer read!

I’m also super excited that the list of restaurants participating in DC’s Summer Restaurant Week 2019 just dropped on Wednesday! There are so many great options to try out and old favorites to hit up – I recommend booking now before they get filled up in August.

It may take a few tries for me to work out the kinks and streamline my content, but I hope this provides you with a dose of monthly inspiration and interesting finds moving forward. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions about this series in the comments or shoot me an email! Happy July!



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