March Obsessions

I’m sharing my favorite March finds, great books, interesting articles, and fun things to do!

July Obsessions

This will be the first in a new “Monthly Obsessions” series!

Washington, DC Guide on a Budget

Hello all! While traveling to any city or going on vacation in general can be quite expensive, I wanted to share a way to visit our nation’s capital without breaking the bank. With DC tourist season in full swing and Fourth of July coming up soon, I wanted to give visitors the local rundown on…

Women’s History Month: My Favorite Comic Book Heroines

Hello all, It may seem strange to some of you that I’m featuring my favorite comic book heroines during Women’s History Month. While yes, this is a fashion/lifestyle/food blog, I am also 100% a comic book nerd.  Comic books are typically considered a “guy thing,” so I figure what better month to discuss strong female…