Snakeskin State of Mind

Hey all!

I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely obsessed with the snakeskin print trend right now! I’m not a huge fan of animal prints (other than in small doses worn as accessories) for my personal style, but this more neutral pattern is something I find incredibly wearable, edgy, and not overdone. The neutral palette of grays, creams, and blacks makes this pattern accessible for all different styles and wardrobes!

A few of the current snakeskin pieces in my wardrobe that I’m loving are shoes, bags, and statement skirts and dresses. Here are the ways I’ve styled each statement snakeskin piece:


Easily the most subtle way to incorporate this print into your wardrobe, a small snakeskin purse can add that exta *oomf* to any outfit! I paired it with a solid pink dress and simple metallic heels, but this purse goes equally well with a black dress and booties or a jeans and tee combo. The outfit options are endless and incredibly effortless when you have a statement bag at your disposal!

Snakeskin Bags: Crossbody // Tote // Clutch


This is honestly one of the most fun pieces in my wardrobe currently! It’s definitely dramatic with a form fitting cut, side slit, and midi length, but despite its boldness it is surprisingly wearable. I’ve paired it with a black sweater, tights, and boots for colder months and am now transitioning over to crop tops and sandals for spring. Keeping the rest of my outfit neutral is key to not being swallowed up by this look.

Snakeskin Skirts: Buckle Mini // Flouncy // Wrap // Midi


I love seeing snakeskin print boots, heels, sandals, mules, and loafers being worn everywhere from girls night out to work meetings! These boots are obviously on the bolder side and not necessarily work-friendly, but I’ve found them to be a surprisingly versatile piece that can be paired with jeans or an LBD. I loved going with a desert-themed neutral palette for spring and added a snake necklace for that extra bit of flair while staying on trend!

Snakeskin boots: Knee High (similar to mine) // Mules // Ballet Flats // Ankle Booties // Pumps

I hope this post inspires you to delve into this *wild* but wearable animal print trend and expand your style! Let me know if you have any favorite snakeskin pieces and how you like to style them!



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