Thanksgiving Inspiration

Hello all!

Since it’s a week and a half away from Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share some outfit inspiration with you all based on what I’ll be wearing throughout the holiday week.  This is a holiday where I tend to stick to comfort first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun or wear trendier pieces when I’m home.  It’s all about balance, and I hope the outfit ideas I share with you in this post provides you with inspiration on how to stay cozy and chic.


Cozy style is the way to go for friendsgiving festivities! You’ll probably be taking off shoes at the door, so skip the statement booties in favor of a standout patterned sweater with a cute skirt and tights.  It offers comfort with just the right amount of flair appropriate for a gathering with your besties. And if you’re a guest, coming with a hostess gift of cute oven mitts or a nice bottle of wine is always a good accessory.


Cooking Preparations

I never want to wear anything too nice when I’m cooking in case I get cranberry sauce all over my lovely white sweater, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t meal prep in style. I stick to lighter, short sleeved layers so I don’t get caught on a pan handle or overheat in the kitchen. My favorite dark jeans (again, being mindful of potential spills) and cozy patterned socks are musts in the kitchen! A colorful apron always gets me in the cooking mood (and artfully disguises any spills), so check out this cute one from Anthropologie to get you in the spirit!

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Whether I’m staying in or traveling to a destination, I will always dress up for a holiday – even a more casual one! This plaid flannel dress from KJP offers just the right amount of coziness with class so I can take it from a family feast to a nicer dinner out.  black tights, black boots, and a cozy sweater or scarf keep the outfit from being too fussy. Thankfully, the flannel material offers some give after you’ve eaten your fill of delicious food!  However, I’ll still keep a chunky sweater nearby for a post-meal nap or for disguising my food baby.


Black Friday Shopping

Comfort is key- whether you’re scrounging through clothing racks in-store or snagging sales online from your couch at home.  After all, you did just eat a ton the day before!  My family never went out shopping for Black Friday – we preferred to use it as a day to get over our food comas and catch up with each other – but thanks to the blessings of the internet I now can get all those sale items shipped to me as I shop from the comforts of home.  That being said, an outfit of patterned leggings, low heeled boots, an oversize sweater, and simple stud earrings works in either Black Friday scenario.

Reunion with Grade School Friends

Being back home always means reunions for me with people I don’t have time to visit with normally.  It’s a time to catch up and hang out, but that doesn’t mean I want to appear sloppy around friends I rarely see.  Keeping it cool with black or dark blue jeans, a fun blouse layered under a cozy sweater or velvet blazer, statement boots, and some chunky jewelry is my favorite look to go with.


I hope this post provides you all with some inspiration for the week ahead!  I’ll be posting my outfits as well throughout the week so you can see my cozy style choices.



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