Seasonal Scents: Autumn

Hello all!

Changing seasons mean changing perfumes for me!  I am never one to stick with a signature scent and always have my three go-to favorites in circulation, but I love transitioning into different fragrances that really set the mood for that day or season.  Heck, I love switching out fragrances from day to night depending on how I feel! This scent fascination all began with my cousin – she’s a true skincare and perfume guru who can pull out all the little components hidden within a fragrance!  I wish I had a nose as astute as hers, but I’ll settle for appreciating a diverse perfume repertoire.

That being said, I really do adore snagging some new perfumes (when I can) to accompany the shifting seasons.  I love to share my go-to fall fragrances and newly acquired scents with friends, and now I’m happy to share them with you!  Here are the perfumes I’ll be wearing on repeat from September through November:

Nantucket Fall Pure Perfume, $25

I snagged this scent about a year ago and have been enamored with it ever since.  The rich cranberry notes add a sweet/tart combination mixed with musk and spices that is so incredibly unique.  This unusual fragrance clings nicely to the skin without being overpowering and reminds me of a fall harvest.  I’ll bring out this scent for all the different holiday festivities – Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, family get-togethers, girls night out, etc.  Since it’s an oil-based, non-alcohol perfume, it will last longer both in the bottle and on your skin. This scent is something I’ll be wearing every fall for years!

Vanille Charnelle, Annick Goutal, $294

This scent is something that I actually wear throughout the year, but there’s something so nice about a musky vanilla fragrance in the fall. The combination of almond milk infused with vanilla beans, top notes of ylang-ylang and pepper, and finishing hints of tonka bean, white musk, and vertiver all play with each other nicely to create an intricate, feminine scent.  Even though it’s definitely pricey, this scent has lasted me for years and I always get complements on it.  And trust me, this isn’t a sickly sweet vanilla that’s going to give you a headache – think of it as a grown up version of liquefied angel food cake.

Gaia Pure Perfume (Nantucket Blend) $25

In keeping with my absolute favorite parfumerie, Nantucket Perfume Company, this is my newest scent acquisition for fall.  This specialized scent was created to be reminiscent of Mother Earth and connect us to the magical, celestial realm. The combined notes of “lavender, clary sage, bergamot oils, graced with the elegant perfume of jasmin and muguet, create balance and a gentle aura inspired by the earth’s bounty.”  I honestly don’t know what description makes me want to go hiking in the mountains to watch the leaves turn brilliant hues of red and gold more than this scent.  I will be wearing this scent to go apple picking and leaf peeping all season long!

Midnight Rain, La Prairie, $260

This is one of my all time favorite scents. I actually received it as a present years ago, but have stayed true to this fragrance because it’s simply that good.  There’s something about the way it mixes with my pheromones that always gets me compliments from both friends and strangers!  This perfume has top notes of guava, mandarin, freesia, and pomegranate, middle notes of white lily, orchid, plum blossom, and amber flower, and a base consisting of patchouli, vetiver, cashmere, and musk.  This complex blend of fruit, floral, and woodsy scents creates a lovely fragrance for night time.  This is definitely something I’ll be wearing for my birthday in October!

That’s a wrap for all of my favorite fall perfumes! I hope this post inspires you to branch out of your comfort zone and try out new seasonal fragrances!  Let me know if you have any autumn go-tos in your perfume arsenal – I’m always on the search for new scents to try!



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