Los Angeles: What I Did

Hi all,

I’m having serious wanderlust right now, so what better time to relive my amazing trip to LA?! I apologize for the delay in posting…I was really sick for a few weeks and then had back-to-back visitors staying with me for over a month. I absolutely loved the company, but it left me with zero downtime to blog.

For this final part in recounting my LA trip, I’m going to be sharing all the places I went to! First up are museums and galleries.



Getty Villa

Radiant Space Gallery

I always try to seek out any local art spaces, whether they’re iconic museums like the LA Contemporary Museum of Art or smaller galleries such as radiant space. I love getting a feel for the art scene and creative minds at work in these spaces! Between LACMA and Radiabt Space Gallery, I got exposed to a solid amount of contemporary and modern art. And, of course, it didn’t hurt to visit the stunning Getty Villa for a day in the name of Greco-Roman classical art!


Joshua Tree National Park


The Last Bookstore

Melrose Avenue (with AMAZING street art)

Flea Market – no pics were taken unfortunately, but it was so much fun to see a local hotspot!

I always love wandering through new places – that’s my favorite way to get a feel for the area. Something as simple as strolling along the colorful murals on Melrose Avenue made me feel like a true Los Angeleno.

We took a day trip to see Joshua Tree National Park which was a nice escape from the city and the perfect end to my stay in California! I highly recommend spending time outside the LA city limits to see the otherworldly natural landscape.

I hope these spots give you inspiration if you’re planning a trip to LA in the future, and I’m happy to answer any more questions you have about my stay there!

(For all the details on my outfits- check out my post on What I Wore)



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