Failsafe Gift Ideas

Hi all!

With exactly one week left until Christmas Eve (and halfway through Hanukkah), I’m sharing some of my failsafe presents I love to give during the holidays. Hopefully this will help you find something for everyone on your list!

1. Giving the “Treat Yourself” Gift

This one’s a classic, and thankfully it’s easy to get someone a pampering gift at all different price points.

As a recent college grad, I don’t have the most expansive budget to give presents. However, I’ve found that by picking my favorite hand creams and soaps, I can personalize smaller gifts without just giving someone a generic soap. I’ve chosen to give some of my favorite Anthropologie soaps as gifts this year. What better way to spread good vibes than sharing the things you love and make you feel good?!

2. Giving the “Missing piece” Gift

These are the gifts for the “I would never buy it for myself” crowd. These presents are on the more extravagant or frivolous side, but are the perfect way to give a fun gift that someone probably wouldn’t buy for themselves.

These presents vary from person to person, but I always think that fun makeup is a great place to start! & Other Stories, one of my new favorite stores, has a great selection of unusual nail polishes, luxe hand creams, and glittery shadows. A lot of the shades they have can’t be found elsewhere, so giving a gift set or single item shows you took time to get a unique, thoughtful gift just for them.

3. Giving the “I Don’t Need Anything” Gift

These one’s are tricky, as some people can be so particular about not wanting to get anything. If the person is really, really, REALLY against getting gifts or is trying to purge their closet, a donation to a meaningful charity is always a good call.

But for the people who you still want to present with a small token of affection, here’s my go-to: socks and books.

These items are useful and can easily be personalized. The New York Times recently released their review of the Top Ten Books of 2017, which is a great place to start hunting for ideas.

And as for socks, check out local stores or for cute finds. I personally love prints that make me smile! Here are some pairs that I’m pining for:

For Cat lovers or Dog lovers

The Hardcore Christmas enthusiast

The Art Aficionado

The Wine Connoisseur

The Minimalist with Holiday Spirit

The Person Always on the Go

The Beyoncé Fan

The Taco Lover

I hope these help with any last-minute shopping you have to do or if you’ve hit a mental block about gift ideas! Let me know what you think or if you have any gift hacks that you’d like to share!



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