Pub Dread: Part 1

If you’re in DC and looking for a place to get into the Halloween spirit, look no further than the Pop Up Bar (PUB) in Shaw. Known for their wildly popular Game of Thrones bar, this month, from October 1-31, they’ve switched it up to be Pub Dread.

(I just got off work so excuse my outfit)

The spooky setup includes four separate bars, each with their own theme. There’s the dollhouse, a vampire’s den, spider’s nest, and the funky David Bowie room. Each has a different feel with different music playing, so you can go to each room to match your mood. Or you can switch it up – once you open a tab you can move around to any of the bars you want!

Then come the drinks! These themed “spirits” are exceptionally well done. The variety of flavors gives you so many options when picking your poison for the evening. Here’s what was on the menu when I went with friends this past week:

Wanna Play a Game?

Do you like Scary Movies?

We All Float Down Here

What Are You Afraid Of?

All of these drinks were delicious and thoughtfully adorned. The winner so far was probably the clown nose for the IT-themed drink. (And bonus – you a keep your drink props!)

They also have a few cute snacks – like this mummified Oreo pop – if you get hungry!

Definitely hit Pub Dread up before it closes after Halloween. There are options there for everyone!



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