DC Restaurant Week: Weekend Brunches

To finish off Restaurant Week, I doubled up on brunches for both Saturday and Sunday. DC is known for its fabulous brunches, and I’m more than happy to immerse myself in the city’s culture this way!

First up was Ladurée on Saturday. Famed for their macarons, the patisserie also boasts a large brunch menu with lots of delicious French options!

I actually strayed from the official restaurant week menu due to a terrible craving for avocado toast (I have zero self control with avocados). So here’s what I had:

Matcha latte (for the first time! DELISH!)

Avocado toast (perfectly crispy. I just wish I had two of them!)

A coconut- strawberry pastry (straight from my dreams!!)

(I was also hardcore obsession over the menu colors, if you couldn’t tell)

My recommendation: get there early (around 10-10:30) to avoid the lines, and definitely splurge on the pastries! The M Street location at the heart of Georgetown makes for an ideal meeting place. Then you can walk off all the sugary goodness by window shopping through the town. 😉

Last but not least in the Restaurant Week excursions, on Sunday I snagged a friend and hit up Slate Wine Bar + Bistro.

(Forever obsessed with the slate blue/weather grey wood color scheme)

A more unlikely pick, I randomly came across this brunch spot through the official Restaurant Week website (ramw.com) and liked what they had to offer enough to test it out. Located far up Wisconsin Avenue, probably a 20 minute walk from the heart of Georgetown, I would have never explored this area without testing out Slate. I’m incredibly grateful it gave me the opportunity to check out a completely new section of DC!

For brunch I had:

Warm donut holes (PERFECTLY flaky and crisp, not like dense dough balls at all)

Bistro Benedict

(Sugar) Cookies of the day

Luckily, their brunch option came with a fantastic wine pairing (that is what they do best) so I was able to test out a bunch of new flavors for only $10! That’s basically $3 per glass!

Other perks: the decor in Slate is a delightful combination of rustic and minimalist. I wish I had taken more pictures of the interior, but here’s a shot of our balcony table overlooking the bar and street view – the perfect place to people watch, in my opinion.

I’m definitely coming back here for dinner or drinks soon!

If you want to check the locations out for yourself:


Slate Wine Bar + Bistro

I’ll be putting up a brunching outfit post from this past weekend soon! Stay tuned!



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