Newport, RI Part 3

My last day in Newport! It started off with a delicious breakfast (of course) and then a sad farewell to the Francis Malbone House. This B&B receives my highest recommendation if you want to stay at a place where you can feel like you're really living the Olde Newport experience!

Then we were off to the mansions! We headed straight for The Breakers, and getting an early start is definitely worth it because the crowds can get really thick at this renowned location.

This mansion certainly lives up to its reputation of being the definition of opulence: everywhere you look there is gold, colored marble, precious stones, and baccarat crystals, to name just a few of the materials that comprise the architecture.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the tour, although each room had so much detail that can't possibly fit into these pictures.

(Some of the walls were plated with platinum instead of silver)

Located a few yards from the house was the Children's Cottage, which was essentially a fully functioning house in its own right. And of course the details were amazing here as well! Be sure not to miss this tiny treasure when visiting The Breakers!

We then headed to Rough Point, the home of the late Doris Duke. It's located at the end of Bellevue Avenue and no pictures are allowed in the house except for in the solarium. This house is a must see! Doris Duke was an amazing woman. She became an heiress from a young age and devoted her life to environmental, animal, and child protection. She was a great philanthropist and started the foundation that prevented all of the other Newport mansions from being torn down. Doris, being an animal lover, also had two pet camels named Princess and Baby!

Here are some photos of the grounds, solarium, and organic vegetable garden (and they give you fresh veggies at the end of the tour):

We were famished after back-to-back mansion visits, so we headed back to The Mooring for some more of their amazing New England Clam Chowder and Fish & Chips.

My mom and I decided to try to fit in one last mansion before leaving…and on our way to it saw that Saint Mary's Church was open! We simply had to see the inside of John and Jackie's wedding location! Every Tuesday afternoon from 3-4, the church does a special program detailing their wedding. If you love Jackie O and JFK, this is a great, educational place to visit. All proceeds go to the church. AND you get a copy of the official wedding invitation!!!

After enjoying half of the hour-long program, we realized we unfortunately had to move along or risk missing our final stop in Newport. However, we both promised to return and view it in full when we return! (Because let's be real, I'm totally coming back here!)

Next stop: The Elms!

This mansion is located closest to the main town on Bellevue Avenue, so it's a very nice walk if you don't have a car with you or want to take a bus (although they were rather cutely painted like old fashioned trolleys).

The grounds at The Elms were breathtaking!

And with that, we drove home (miraculously without hitting any traffic) and our stay in Newport had come to an end!

I absolutely loved this trip! The town is so lovely- it's the perfect balance of old and new America. The historical significance of this gilded age town was especially interesting to me and I really enjoyed walking down halls that have been elaborately maintained for centuries. I will definitely be back again soon to revisit my favorite restaurants and check out all the mansions I missed!

I'm curious if anyone else has ever been to Newport! What are your favorite things to do and see?! Please leave a comment below!

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