Costume Ideas: Disney Style

Hello all!

Looking for an easy, classic, and icon Halloween costume? Look no further than childhood favorite Disney characters for inspiration!

I created a fun Disneybound Minnie Mouse-inspired outfit for my trip to Disney World last month, and I know it would make a perfect Halloween costume as well. All you really need in lots of red and black clothes, maybe throw in a few polka dots, and a bow/ear headband and you’re all set! I loved that I already owned most of the pieces in this outfit – I really just had to buy the cute Mickey/Minnie earrings to complete my look. Sometimes shopping your own closet for Halloween ideas lets you come up with the most creative and unique costumes!

Below is how I styled my Minnie inspired outfit, but you can definitely make it your own! This can also be made into a really fun group costume with Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, and Goofy being added in. You simply can’t go wrong with classic characters!

All photos taken by Kiana Tate Photo

Similar Minnie Ears // Exact Boots // Similar Dress

I hope this gives you inspiration to get creative with your costumes this year in a way that’s easy, nostalgic, and makes you smile!



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