Creature Comforts

Hello all!

As these dreary winter days drag on, I’m left feeling very uninspired by my wardrobe and outfits. My solutions to breathe new life into my outfits is to incorporate more whimsical pieces to dress up even the simplest, comfiest look!

There’s simply nothing cuter to me than a small detail like an animal added to an outfit. It adds the perfect dose of whimsy and nostalgia to all the animal-patterned bags and clothes I wore as a kid. I also love bringing a bit of “nature” into my city looks – just a fun bit of irony.

My Fox bag is sold out, but available on Ebay.

I hope these bags help you get inspired to incorporate your favorite animal motif into your outfits this spring!

Bee with Honeycomb Clutch ($62) // Puffy Puffer Fish Crossbody ($328) // Butterfly Beaded Clutch ($38) // Aquamarine Sea Turtle Tote ($160) // Shelly Crab Wristlet ($98) // Skinnydip canvas tote bag in blue butterfly print ($9) // Flutter the Butterfly Crystal Clutch Purse ($100) // Tiny Elephant Wristlet ($72) // Black Cat cat breed floral pattern tote ($18)

What’s your favorite animal? Let me know in the comments!



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