September Obsessions: My Favorite Face Masks for Fall and Winter

Happy First Day of Fall!!!

In honor of the start of my favorite season, I wanted to share some of my favorite face masks that I’m currently obsessed with! I don’t see face masks going away anytime soon, and I’m honestly excited about the creative possibilities of styling them with fall and winter fashion. There are so many different colors, patterns, and textures now available to suit every wardrobe – you can’t go wrong with this many options!

I think pairing masks with your outfits is such a practical and stylish way to stay safe and show you care about the people around you. I’m also not gonna lie – while I was sweltering in my mask during the summer, I’m looking forward to having them on outside this winter to protect my face from the cold and wind. So without further ado, here are my top picks for fun face masks to keep you stylish and safe all autumn long!

I’m wearing the Brave New Look Celestial Fortunes Mask ($14) but also love my Sydney Summer Black Dot Mask ($14).

Sydney Summer Wine Corduroy Face Mask ($14) // Etsy Fall Themed Face Masks ($10 each) // Brave New Look Emoji Lips Printed Mask ($14) // SS Beige Plaid Face Mask ($14) // Brave New Look Red Wine Glasses Mask ($14) // Etsy Denim Patchwork Mask ($12) // Biden/Harris Masks ($68 for four/$20 for individual) // SS Black Quilted Face Mask ($14)

I hope these fun masks inspire you to get creative while staying safe during the colder months. Let me know if you have a favorite fall face masks I should add into my rotation in the comments!



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