Pride 2019 Roundup

Hello all!

Now that June is over and Pride Month has ended, I wanted to share all of the fun things I did and themed outfits I wore!

Pride Month is one of my favorite times of year, and not just because I identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community (which you can read about in last year’s post – a post I’m genuinely proud of and gives good background on me). It’s a month where everyone is free to celebrate themselves and each other. The focus is on all types of love: for relationships, communities, and your own self. I love how body positive and judgement-free all the events are. You can wear whatever you want that makes you feel good and embrace your best self! Pride always has such a fulfilling, positive energy that is both contagious and freeing. I highly encourage you to check out queer spaces where you live to seek out that kind of acceptance and warmth!


SAAM Pride Kickoff Party – the event that started it all was a collaboration with Brightest Young Things and the Smithsonian! My friend and I had an absolute BLAST living it up and dancing the night away surrounded by love and acceptance!

Spoken Word Event – a friend and I had the pleasure of attending a femme-focused spoken word event that had so many incredible poets, speakers, and drag kings perform!

Tan France Talk – not officially Pride related, but I’ve been reading his hilarious and touching book growing up as a queer person of color all month long and love it!

Pride Parade – I always love a good Pride parade and DC delivers every year! I had a blast hanging with friends and seeing the streets filled with supportive families and companies partying it up!

Pride Festival and Concert – A chiller event that takes place in front of the Capital Building – you can walk around and see who supports the queer community around DC. It’s always great to see which local companies and shops turn up in support!


Pride Treats:

I couldn’t resist indulging in some delicious pride-themed goodies this month! Here are some favorites!

  • Sugar Shack donuts
  • Colada Shop Pride Punch and Sangri-yaaasss
  • Georgetown Cafe Pride Lattes

I hope you all had a Happy Pride Month and enjoy the first week of July!



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