Hello all!

Here’s a roundup of my brief but awesome visit to Atlanta last weekend!  I had so much fun going to different exhibits and getting a feel for a city and state I’ve never been to before.  I’m sharing my experiences spending 48 hours in Atlanta for anyone who has upcoming plans or has a sudden desire to travel to a new state!

What I wore:

The 90-degree weather unfortunately didn’t translate into super cute outfits during my two day stay. However, this 1901 seersucker dress from Nordstrom’s new in-house classics line held its own.  It just may be my new favorite summer dress!

What I ate:

  • True Food Kitchen (in Buckhead – highly recommend the Ancient Grains bowl, edamame dumplings, and sparkling antioxidant tea to refresh yourself)
  • Taqueria del Sol (fish tacos and Margaritas)
  • Soul Vegetarian Resturant (EVERYTHING – collard greens, mac n cheese, signature burger, brunch special)
  • Herban Fix (rated best restaurant in Georgia in 2016, EVERYTHING on this menu is amazing – but I recommend the sweet pea ravioli, aburaage, grilled eggplant, seared pom pom mushroom steak, and the truffle fried rice)
  • Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Buckhead (I couldn’t resist – it was too picturesque!)
  • San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co. (Honey Matcha Cortado – so hot but SO worth it)

Where I went:

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

The Gardens were having a beautiful exhibit called “Imaginary Worlds” involving live plants turned into magical creatures and fairy tale characters. Even as an adult, it was so much fun to walk around, taking in the beauty of nature and admiring the artistry of the horticulture.

Civil and Human Rights Museum

Visiting this museum is a must-do in Atlanta.  The interactive components of the exhibits bring the fight for civil rights to life.  You MUST participate in the lunch counter sit-in – who knew 2 minutes could feel so long? The entire museum walks you through the history of various movements and the ongoing struggle for different groups in the present day. It also houses the Moorehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection of rotating documents from his life and death.

Cyclebar Buckhead

Because I’m slightly insane and wanted to kick off the weekend in a healthy manner, my friend and I hit up Cyclebar near her apartment. The class was so much fun, had great music, and left us feeling energized for the rest of the day.  It was also in an area that had plenty of yoga studies and other affordable exercise classes that you can check out during your visit.  I love any place that takes walk-ins as an excuse to try out something new!

Midtown Atlanta

Honestly, it was so much fun to walk around the city!  I’m a big advocate for absorbing the vibes of a location by immersing yourself and walking the streets.  I saw beautiful churches, the iconic Fox Theatre, and interesting sculptures that gave me a better feel for what Atlanta is about during my short time there.

Sweetwater Brewery

For those of you in the 21+ crowd, Sweetwater Brewery is fun place to hang out before dinner or if you just want to relax after a long day exploring the city.  It’s located in Northern Atlanta, giving you a break from the downtown area and exposes you to the greener part of the city. On top of a great selection of classic and seasonal beers, they have concerts and a shaded outdoor area with games and table so you can relax with friends. (I recommend the 420 and Blue brews to get a good taste of their beer variety.)

That sums up everything I did this past weekend!  It was a short trip that gave me just a taste of the Atlanta life, so I’ll hopefully be back for more again soon!



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