Louis Vuitton: Volez Voguez Voyage

Hello all!

I am so happy I got to visit the Louis Vuitton pop up exhibit in NYC yesterday. This beautiful exhibits covers everything from the origins of the Vuitton family to the monogram to the style of modern day items. It’s a great look at history that showcases some never-before-seen pieces from Louis Vuitton’s personal collection.

I had always admired the Louis Vuitton name and quality, but never was so aware in the craftsmanship of their work.

The exhibit included a variety of LV’s trunks and designs since the company’s beginning in the 1800s. It also included fashion and history to frame his designs in elaborate, accurate context. You felt as though you were being transported through history!

Definitely check this exhibit out before it closes in January! Tickets are FREE for general admission, so you’re able to bring friends on a walk through history with you.

And of course let me know what you think of VVV!



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