Belated Halloween

Hi all,

Work has been crazy lately, so I apologize for going MIA on you all. Over this break I’m going to get back to working on this blog and updating everything I’ve missed posting.

Now that I’m back, I’m excited about all of the content I have to add to the blog! This is a belated Halloween/Birthday post:

Dress: thrifted THEIA

Boots: Steve Madden

Headband: J-Picone

My hair was done by PR@Partners salon right after work. Because I am the worst at styling with hair accessories.

I hit up the Mansion on O Street for my birthday celebration after a delightful dinner at I Ricchi (because I had to have Italian food on my birthday). We went on a Halloween scavenger hunt! And the best part is all fees go towards their artist programs!

(And btw- I was channeling a glam Poison Ivy with the teal green dress, sparkly leaf tiara, and thigh highs.) 😉

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween and are looking forward to the start of the holiday season! I always get excited about Halloween – not just because it’s my birthday, but because it’s also the first holiday to signify the start of a season filled with amazing food, beloved family time, coziness, snow, classic movies, and a barrage of other fun holidays to celebrate as well! It’s the best kind of way to begin holiday season!

Sending much love to you all – trust me, you’ll be hearing from me again very soon!



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