Japanese Treats!

If you like sweets, pop-up stores, or are able to go to Union Market before September ends, there’s one place you need to check out:

Matsukawaya Wagashi

Super Kawaii, am I right?

These beautifully crafted, absolutely delicious Japanese treats are located at the Teaism (one of my fave Asian restaurants here, as you can tell from previous posts) station in Union Market.

The treats come in a variety of textures, colors, and shapes ranging from transparent jelly cubes to crunchy cakes to delicate red bean flowers. There’s definitely something there for everyone’s sweet tooth!

The pop-up shop will be open until September 30th, so definitely swing by!

The Union Market site: https://unionmarketdc.com/events/matsukawaya-wagashi-pop-up/

Their official site: http://matsukawaya.jp/en/

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