Museum Must: REVIVAL at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Despite the stress of apartment searching I managed to fit in a trip to the National Museum of Women in the Arts to see their much-talked about Revival exhibit.

I am by no means an art historian, just a museum nerd who wants to share the art I see with you all! So I'll just give my personal take on the exhibits I come across and will always take museum recommendations for what I should check out next!

Revival did not disappoint! Described as a presentation of "contemporary women sculptors and photo-based artists whose arresting aesthetics and intense subject matter spur the viewer into a transcendent encounter with the art object."

The works were touching, politically and socially charged, and often unsettling.

A few of my personal favorites were from the "Other Creatures" room, which included floor-to-ceiling fabric installations alongside giant crocheted animals.

A large number of the works were mesmerizing in their beauty and message, as seen below. The attention to detail is incredible and has to be viewed up close.

Other works comment on what it is like to be a girl or woman today. Themes of beauty, privacy, fertility, innocence, fetishization, and violence were all explored intricately.

The breadth of work included in this exhibit is a testament to the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Contemporary women artists openly discussing current issues in modern mediums is something I don't often get to see promoted in the art world. It's always more niche or for "in the know" art aficionados. This exhibit proves that contemporary women artists hold their own and provide incredibly important contributions to art, politics, and social life.

Revival ends September 10th, so make sure to get there fast!!!

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