Seasonal Scents: Autumn

Changing seasons mean changing perfumes! Here are the perfumes I’ll be wearing on repeat from September through November:

My Favorite Autumn Quotes

In light of yesterday being the Autumn equinox and therefore the start of my favorite season of the year, I’ve gathered some of my favorite quotes about fall to share with you all! 

Black Friday Haul

Hey all! So, like me, I’m sure a lot of you spent the weekend after Thanksgiving scoring on all the amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! I honestly just treat Black Friday like an extension of Cyber Monday because so many stores have online sales and you don’t need to deal with any hassle…

Sweater Weather

I’m so happy I can finally break out all my comfy sweaters and warm knits!! *Sweater Weather starts playing on repeat as my theme song*

Transitional Style

Hello all! As the seasons start to change, I’m often caught between wanting to dive straight into leggings and leather jackets, but regret overheating as soon as I put them on. However, once September hits it seems out of place to continue wearing my bright floral dresses. So on a particularly cool September day, here’s…