Opinion: Not Having a Color Instagram

Hello all!

I wanted to take some time to address something that I feel a lot of bloggers and people creating an image or brand on Instagram face: crafting that color-themed, uniform aesthetic that allows all your images to flow together seamlessly.  It cements your identity and definitely helps solidify your brand.

However, I have actively never wanted a color or themed Instagram for either myself or my blog.  Personally, I love editing images and highlighting different aspects of each photo individually and would probably go insane editing everything in the same color scheme.  As much as I love viewing feeds that have all pastels or all bright colors, I know that system just won’t work for me.  I have so much fun fiddling around with different filters and crafting an image on it’s own.  I blame my background as an art student that forces me to take each image as it’s own entity and treat it as it’s own unit.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love watching other people’s carefully curated color feeds.  I find them so soothing and inspirational and fun!  I wholly support everyone doing what makes them happy and brings joy to others, but that’s just not the path for me or my feed.

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